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We offer professional consultations regarding personnel and labor management. The consultations will be provided on a regular basis across all sections including not only labor law, but also personnel management, labor management, labor relations and employee benefits.

1. Labor Law Consultation

- Review the bylaw of a business based on labor law
- Interpret and apply labor law to general personnel and labor management of the business
- Check on the rules of employment, employment contracts and annual salary structure
- Support the labor-management disputes, collective bargaining and a collective agreement
- Consult on how to run a Labor Management Council.

2. Personnel Management

- Consult on salary regarding salary structure and scales.
- Review the efficiency of workforce management.
- Provide general advice on employment, training, evaluation and personnel management.

3. Labor Management

- Prepare for labor inspections by the Ministry of Employment and Labor and arrange of countermeasures
- Advise on filing petitions with the Ministry of Employment and Labor
- Consult on Labor Relations Commission cases such as dismissal
- Consult on labor relations cases